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About Company

ZEPPELIN Co., Ltd is the transport-forwarding company successfully working in the market of transport and customs logistics.

Our company provides a full range of services to deliver goods within Russia all modes of transport, and also operates international (multimodal) transportation from the Asia-Pacific region. Our priority is shipping of cargos from China to Russia. Our company provides professional services for customs clearance, certification and warehousing of your cargo.

Our services:


ZEPPELIN Co., Ltd offers the most convenient scheme of cooperation for cargo from China, Japan, Europe, India and America. For example, we get the necessary goods from a foreign supplier, ship goods by sea, by rail or by air to Russia, to perform customs clearance and deliver your cargo directly "door-to-door". 

We constantly optimize the logistical approach to cargo transportations. We carefully analyze technical, organizational and legal nuances of transport process at each stage of transportations of cargoes. Our knowledge and experience allow us to say with confidence that all your requirements at the reference in our company will be maximum satisfied.